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Message from our CEO: Landcare Victoria Inc. Year in review


In our ambition for the future of landcare, I fear that we sometimes focus on the problems ahead of us and can be disappointed at our rate of progress. This is only natural – it is the price we pay for our ambitions. But as we approach the end of another year, it is the right time to allow ourselves to reflect on our progress and some of our achievements for 2021.  
Landcare Victoria Inc. completed our Landcare Victoria Strategic Plan, clarifying and communicating our vision and purpose and our goals. The plan is available to download and read here.  
Our role in the development of the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Program has demonstrated the valuable contribution of Landcare Victoria Inc. in the development and delivery of large scale landcare programs, working with Landcare Australia, the National Landcare Network and landcare community groups.     
For the first time, DELWP has been able to fund projects to be delivered in the first half of 2022, and recently the R E Ross Trust provided $50,000 to support a pilot capacity development project. These investments reflect growing confidence in the value and capability of Landcare Victoria Inc. We have also established Landcare Victoria Inc. as a Deductible Gift Recipient status, so we can now accept tax deductible donations in support of landcare. This facility is accessible to all members of Landcare Victoria Inc.   
We migrated our membership data onto a new online database with much greater functionality than its predecessor, which has streamlined the collection, management and reporting of data, bringing benefits to our members through reduced paperwork. We also simplified our membership renewals process this year by separating the requirement for provision of Member Group data from the payment of membership fees. So far, members have responded positively.  
In renewing our association insurance policy this year, we were able to rationalise our cover through a single broker without an increase in cost. We’ve improved communication with members about the scope of our insurance service and established an innovative solution to the need to ensure contracted facilitators have access to professional indemnity insurance.   
The establishment of a new Communications Specialist role is a big boost for us. Members have been providing positive feedback on our regular newsletters, and our social media activity is more frequent and judging by growth in activity, it is well supported. 
Next year holds much promise for Landcare Victoria Inc. and its members.  
Some of our key initiatives for 2022 include:  

  • A new website to better communicate landcare achievements and to serve as a source of information and resources for our members and partners  

  • A Members forum to be held in Beechworth in May 2022  

  • A major engagement project that will establish the basis for a new Landcare Plan for Victoria  

  • Review and rationalisation of landcare communications in partnership with DELWP and the Catchment Management Authorities, to reduce duplication of resources and messages and to maximise impact  

  • Development and implementation of a capacity building program aimed at ensuring our Member Groups have knowledge and resources to operate effectively and efficiently  

  • Based on a process of consultation, establishment of a knowledge and skills framework for landcare professionals  

  • Further refinement of risk management arrangements to help ensure our insurance policies remain affordable and relevant to landcare community needs  

  • An online membership census early in the new year will make the process of providing key information easier for our members, and help build a strong story about the priorities and activities of landcare in Victoria.  

I would like to thank the Landcare Victoria Inc. team, who are devoted to the landcare cause and a joy to work with. Thank you also to our Chair - Jane Carney and the other members of the Landcare Victoria Inc. Board – who are all volunteers, for their leadership and guidance. We must also acknowledge with thanks the continuing support from the Phillipson and Crothers families who through their donations and advice have done so much to underpin our development and growth.  
To all in the Victorian landcare community, we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and safe holiday season.  
Andrew Maclean 


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