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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most-frequently asked questions about the merger of FTLA and VLC and the new LVI

In order to help Member Groups understand the merger of the Farm Trees & Landcare Association (FTLA) and the Victorian Landcare Council (VLC), and how that merger might have affected your group and members, these FAQs may help to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us if you require further information or clarification.


How can our Landcare group sign up ?

Complete an application and submit it. The LVI committee consides all applications, usually within 30 working days. A comprehensive guide for prospective members of LVI, the "New Member Kit" is available at https://www.landcarevic.org.au/new-group-kit-joining-lvi/.

Will our membership fee change ?

There are no change in group membership fees in the first year, however two new categories of membership have been introduced under the new Rules, being Associate and Professional members.

 2017/18 LVI Fees

   * for turnover under $100,000. If groups hold equivalent external insurance for one or more policies, then the insurance fee will be reduced by a corresponding amount.

I am a Landcare Facilitator - can I be a member of LVI ?

Professionals working in the Natural Resources Management (NRM) field including Landcare Facilitators are eligible to join LVI as an Associate Member.

How do the Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) get involved in LVI ?

CMAs and other organisations are welcome to join LVI as Associate members. Please contact us for details.

Will LVI still auspice our grant applications ?

Yes, provided the Member Group is financial and in good standing.

We have a grant being looked after by FTLA. What happens to the grant now ?

The administrative provisions ensure that all grants/contracts etc will continue to be managed by LVI. The FTLA Incorporation and ABN are retained to allow for a smooth merger transition.

With only 12 people on the COM how can I get involved ?

More details on the structure and processes for the Members Council will be determined in coming months and communicated to all members.

Insurance and Incorporation

Is group insurance cover be affected by the merger ?

There is no change to insurance coverage offered by the FTLA.

Will groups remain incorporated under LVI as they were under the FTLA ?

Other than a name change (FTLA to LVI), incorporation remains unchanged.

Do Member Groups have to adopt the new rules of incorporation for LVI ?

Groups who were incorporated under the FTLA, are automatically incorporated under the New Rules of LVI, available at https://www.landcarevic.org.au/lvi-rules There should be no effect on the operation of local Landcare Groups.

Do groups get a new incorporation number ?

No, incorporation number remains the same.

LVI Structure

How does the new structure allow Landcare Group members to contribute to the discussion of issues?

In terms of member input on policy matters under the new structure, the formal mechanismis through the LVI Members Council and its attendees and there will continue to be the Annual Forums and AGMs. There will be times when the Members Council or other sub-committees or working parties will seek broader member input regarding specific issues. Informally, members will be welcome, as they are now, to contact the Committee of Management or Staff or their regional Members Council representatives and have input that way as well.

Will there still be an Annual Forum with speakers like FTLA and VLC has had in the past ?

LVI will hold two regional forums each year and all members will be invited to its AGMs.

The VLC had an important role in representing Landcare at various government levels and lobbying on Landcare's behalf. Will this continue ?

Yes, LVI maintains an "advocacy and partnerships" function which has the responsibility for advocating and promoting Landcare to government and its agencies.

I was a VLC delegate prior to the merger. Do I change to a LVI delegate or do I have to reapply ?

In the interim phase, delegates of the VLC will continue in their role until such time as the new Members Council is formed. Where vacancies exist it is hoped that these will be filled (in an interim capacity) by persons of either organisation who are keen to advance the work of LVI. Regional elections will be held during 2018 with some delegates retiring or re-nominating. This will be open to all Landcare members in Victoria. The election process will be a fair and transparent process.

How is the LVI Committee Elected ?

The LVI committee is elected at an AGM. Nominations are received from each region and each region can elect one of those nominations at the AGM.


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